Bazuru | Introducing Bazuru Beta – The Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tool

Introducing Bazuru Beta – The Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tool

We are proud to announce the launch of Bazuru’s Beta version!!

After countless meetings and reaching out to business owners left and right, we have found our key focus on improving your word of mouth. We understand the challenges that come with marketing in the current IT dominant landscape. Not only do you face the Goliath’s of Amazon and Uber Eats, amongst other services – now you must tackle not drowning in the vast oceans of Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, etc.

Why do you matter? How can you make noise and stand out? I see you.

And so do your customers.

Your regular customers patron your business because of who you are, and they respect and appreciate the quality you put into your craft. They like how it tastes, they like how it looks, they like how it makes them feel. Nothing can replace the unique qualities you put into your products and your services. It is not lost on us how difficult it was to reach this point. We bleed, sweat, and cry the same blood, sweat, and tears. We at Bazuru understand what it takes to bring that unique quality.

What is Bazuru?

We are a word-of-mouth marketing tool for offline businesses. When your regular customer introduces a new customer, we reward them both with a small gift that you define. This generates a powerful referral system that incentivizes your word of mouth.

Why Word of Mouth?

Word of mouth has shown to generate 2 times more sales than ads. The reason is obvious. You trust your friends more than the ads on your screen. Creating effective targeted ads are both complicated and expensive. They will inevitably get you leads, however many of them will not show up, or show once and never again. The referrals from your regular customers naturally target your best audiences. Your best audiences are the people in the same communities and social circles as your regular customers. People listen to their friends (what are friends for after all?), and are emotionally attached to their recommended businesses.

Bazuru allows you to tap into these mechanisms. We help you reward your most loyal customers, as that is exactly what they deserve. We also jump start your relationship with the new customers that come from their introductions. This referral system already exists and is quite common for E-commerce websites and online services, simply because it works. The data they track is powerful. Let Bazuru bring these techniques and power offline to you.

In Conclusion

If you cannot tell, I am overflowing with excitement to bring Bazuru’s services to you. Your products. Your services. They are worth it. And so is your story. Let us be a small part of it. It would be my biggest pride to help you share it with the world.

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